Crazy! Will Smith Shows The Most Extravagant Portrait Made By A Fan

Will Smith

The actor shared how a fan did the most extreme to get his portrait.

Will Smith goes on tour promoting the new movie of the Bad Boys saga, and this time he stopped in Mexico.

The remembered Prince of Bel-Air shared in his personal Instagram account, as a fan did the most extreme in order to have a postcard of the artist.

In the image that already exceeded one million likes, it looks like the Mexican Youtuber “The Golden Scorpion”, a strange haircut was made on the chest to shape the actor’s face.

“I’m glad you kept this face away from that nipple!” Was the message that the American artist shared with the image.

For its part, Youtuber wrote in his Instagram account “What the fuck is going on! Tomorrow doesn’t miss the video on my YouTube channel. ”

The new band of the saga will be released on the 23rd of this month and Smith in his passage through Mexico has surprised his own and strangers, first singing to the rhythm of the Mariachis and now sharing this eccentricity from his Instagram account.

Without a doubt, Will causes a rage wherever he goes thanks to his charisma and this is a small sample of it.