Camila Sodi Is A ‘Bitch’ In Univision Promo For ‘Rubí’

Camila Sodi

The actress returns to the soap operas with the perfect character

Camila Sodi returns to soap operas with an iconic character, “ Rubí “. The series belongs to the anthology of “Dream Factory” that Univision has been presenting in recent months and whose previous stories included adaptations of “ Cradle of Wolves ” and “ The Usurper “.

In this new version of the popular story, a young journalist named Camila ( Ela Veldén ) convinces a mysterious woman named Rubí (Sodi) to tell the story of her life and reveal the reason for the isolation that has been imposed on her dark mansion.

It is there that Rubí begins to tell her story, during several different periods and describes her humble origin and how poverty escaped to achieve power and fame. Now you must face the consequences of your mistakes.

“Rubí” also features the performance of  José Ron, Alejandra Espinoza , Kimberly Dos Ramos, Rodrigo Guirao, Mayrín Villanueva, Tania Lizardo and Ela Veldén .

For the promotion of the series, Univision launched a campaign with the phrase, ” The bitch is back “since Ruby is a woman of arms to take. “Rubí” opens on Tuesday, January 21 at 10 pm/9c by Univision.