With An Infinite Neckline! Ariana Grande Showed Her Attributes With A Super Short Dress

Ariana Grande

The American singer made it clear that she knows a lot about fashion.

All of her fans know very well that Ariana Grande has long taken a short break to enjoy family time and also refine the details of her next album.

Anyway, this is not an impediment to receiving new news from the great pop star, as it was recently crowned as the protagonist of the most profitable tour in history, for her show called “Sweetener World Tour”.

However, the year 2019 of Ariana Grande could not have closed better. Since her last world tour sold more than 660 thousand tickets and, with two albums in a year, she found the formula for success.

But the former couple of The Weeknd is well known for her amazing talent when singing, her voice is able to take her singing octaves to the whistle register, something that Mariah Carey had popularized in the 90s.

But, as we all know, not everything that glitters is gold and as much as it has achieved fame, the actress may also be involved in some controversy. But this time, she could not escape the scandals.

And is that the interpreter of “One Last Time” knows very well how to dress when going on stage or simply for your daily life. But he is also able to get attention with every outfit he chooses, and this was no exception.

It is that Ariana Grande again hit social networks with a completely black look and that was excessively short, in which she is almost exposed for showing more than allowed.