Will Smith Confesses That He Was Dying Of Jealousy For Tupac, His Wife’s Best Friend


“It made me feel very, very insecure, and I was not man enough to accept his bond with Jada”

Actor Will Smith has now recognized that he was always jealous of his wife Jada’s friendship with rapper Tupac Shakur, whom he met at a very difficult stage of his life while they both studied at a public art school in Baltimore.

Although Jada continued to maintain a close relationship with her schoolmate until his death in 1996 – just a year before she passed the altar with the famous actor -, she never got her boyfriend to try to get to know him better.

“It’s one of the things I regret most because I was not able to open myself to the idea of ​​interacting with Pac. You already understand me… we had certain tensions, ” Will confessed on the radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’. “They had grown up together and loved each other a lot, but they hadn’t been together sexually. But when they reached an age when that became a possibility, by that time Jada was already with me. ”

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When it comes to finding ‘guilty’, the famous actor is not deceived and knows perfectly well that Tupac never bothered to try to approach positions because on the few occasions they came to coincide in the same room he did not even speak to him.

“Jada always told me the same thing: ‘I promise you, they have a lot in common, they would understand each other very well’, but I was never able to… And I deeply regret it… I was not able to deal with the situation: I was a Ph.D. rapper from Philadelphia and he was Tupac. I don’t know if I explain myself. It made me feel very, very insecure, and I was not man enough to accept his bond with Jada, ”he concluded.