This Is The Former Taxi Driver Husband Of Marjorie De Sousa

Marjorie de Sousa

Julian Gil is not the only former partner of the actress, we share this part of his past

Marjorie de Sousa and her controversial ex,  Julian Gil went through a tired and mediatic legal fight for the custody of their son, this made for a long time the attention was put on Gil. However, the actress has had other couples who have not finished well either. Today we are going to tell you about her ex-Venezuelan husband, Ricardo Alamo.

In 2003 and 2005 Álamo and Marjorie shared credits in the soap operas  Rebeca and  Being pretty is not enough. The relationship transcended real life and ended at the altar.

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The marriage did not last long, a few months after saying “yes” they decided it was time to separate. Despite her love, the actress does not keep a good memory, because in an interview she gave in 2015 she said that the stormy relationship left her with psychological sequels that she has not overcome.

Their paths separated and each one has made his life. Alamo found love and formed a family, however, his artistic life did not move so fast. In 2017 there was a rumor that he had started working as a taxi driver because he couldn’t find work in acting.

Shortly after the same actor came out to defend himself, arguing that he worked as a taxi driver but in Uber, and that this was an honest job he does in what he finds proposals.