Suzy Cortez Gets An Intimate Tattoo With Messi’s Face

Suzy Cortez

Suzy Cortez promised last year -2019- that an intimate tattoo would be performed with Lionel Messi’s face on her body. The promise was made during her time at FOX Sports México.

“I made a promise and kept it,” Suzy told us. The model also told us that the process of tattooing did not generate any pain, although it was performed in a sensitive area of ​​her skin.

But Suzy also revealed that behind the tattoo was a reason, and that was to honor her idol of soccer eleven. With this portrait of the Argentine, the Brazilian celebrates the sixth golden ball of the captain of Barcelona.

“They challenged me, I said I would if Messi won the sixth Golden Ball …”, and this was the way the former Miss BumBum celebrated her victory.

We asked him if he had any special photography session in Spain so that the images could reach Messi to Barcelona, ​​but he said that this was not in her plans.

On her butt, he also now has a dazzling tattoo with the player’s last name, the number of her shirt that is 10 and the FC Barcelona shield.

In our conversation with Suzy, the name of Ernesto Valverde also came out, who since yesterday stopped being the coach of FC Barcelona, and who today was replaced on the field by Quique Setién. On the change, the Brazilian model preferred to refer to Josep María Bartomeu. 

” I hope 2021 will arrive soon and Bartomeu will disappear from Camp Nou and never come back,” Suzy said, reflecting the feelings of many Blaugrana fans in relation to the team president.

Suzy also sent Quique Setién his best wishes, because we dared to ask him if he thinks the coach could take FC Barcelona to raise the Champions Cup, the famous orejona. “I hope the new coach doesn’t do as many bad things as Valverde did,” Cortez said.

If they won the Champions League, will you get a new tattoo? We asked Suzy: “I won’t do another one, this is the last tattoo.”