Michelle Renaud Shows How Two Tattoos Are Erased From Her Body

Michelle Renaud

The actress shared that she decided to withdraw her tattoos because they were badly done

On Monday afternoon, actress Michelle Renaud caused a stir in social networks after showing the procedure with which she decided to remove some tattoos from her body.

Through her Instagram stories, the 31-year-old actress shared with her 3 million followers some videos in which she is excited about to remove two tattoos, one of them on the side of her finger.

” This is how it looks, it’s that fast and it doesn’t hurt,” ” Magic ” are the words he wrote about the series of short videos that quickly went viral and shared her fans.

While, on the following slides, you also see how they remove the tattoo located on the forearm. “ I’m going to take off a couple of tattoos, ” Danilo Carrera’s girlfriend is heard saying, while her friend, actress Raquel Garza watches in amazement at the time the marks on her skin disappear.

” Hello friends, I am making a novelty, with Raquel, my tattoo is being taken from me, my brothers hope they don’t hate me, I love them but they tattooed me very badly, ” Renaud reiterated before her followers.