Jennifer López Exposes Her Entire Anatomy With Military Leggings

Jennifer López

The Bronx diva is getting tougher for Super Bowl halftime alongside Shakira

Jennifer Lopez was the gym to get warm and put her muscles to work. Then he left the premises wearing a military set of leggings and a matching jacket. It seems that her early exit from the gym is because he had to make her appearance on Telemundo.

It is known that JLo is residing in Miami due to the constant rehearsals that he holds with Shakira for the presentation that both will make in the Super Bowl halftime. However, it must be recognized that little has been leaked about what the Colombian and the Bronx diva have prepared for this event.

At the moment it is known that Shakira is ready to launch new music, and it was through her social networks that he broke the news: “New music soon, stay tuned! New music coming your way, stay tuned! ”

The image he used to attract her audience is giving much to talk about since it seems that he has an oriental intention. What may be an indication of the sounds you intend to play in this new musical production.