He Did It Again! Carolina Sandoval Kissed Another Man

Carolina Sandoval

The conductor of Suelta la Sopa took advantage of the visit of a show to the show and did more than interview

“The Poisonous” of Telemundo as he grabbed the taste of walking kissing co-workers, although it must be admitted, that this time, the heartthrob in question also looked for her. It was nothing more and nothing less than the beautiful David Zepeda, who approached Carolina Sandoval and without fear, they kissed their mouths.

The actor was on the show of Suelta la Sopa doing promotion to La Doña 2 accompanied by Carlos Ponce and Aracely Arámbula, with whom he began a joke flirting and ended up kissing her in front of everyone, then go on to kiss “La Venenosa”. Of course, all this in the good spirits that you always live on the set of Drop the Soup.

The truth is that Carolina Sandoval was shocked when David kissed him and of course if the actor is one of the most handsome men on television. This is not the first time that Carolina kisses a companion of the television network. Months ago he did it with Juan Manuel Cortés. We already know that Carolina loves to joke with this and all her followers always send him hundreds of funny comments thanking him for a good time.