Gigi Hadid Was Summoned As A Possible Jury In The Trial Against Harvey Weinstein

Gigi Hadid

Despite knowing the defendant and some others involved in the case, the model could be part of the selection

If anything could get the media expectation around the trial against the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein – which started last week in New York – to rise, it was the presence of a celebrity, not among the crowd that crowds at the gates of the New York court, as far as actresses like Rosanna Arquette or Rose McGowan have approached in recent days, but among the 120 Manhattan residents who have been summoned as possible jurors.

This Monday the model Gigi Hadid went to the court dressed in jeans, a white T-shirt and a dark American on the fifth day of selection of the jury that will eventually end up being made up of twelve holders and six substitutes.

The star of the catwalks and the rest of those present, who had also been summoned for the same reason she did, heard Judge James Burke’s questions to determine if any of them knew the defendant, any of the lawyers involved in the case or one of the 80 people who can be called as witnesses or mentioned throughout the process, among which are Salma Hayek or Charlize Theron.

At that moment Gigi raised her hand to clarify that she had met Weinstein – who faces two charges of sexual abuse and rape – Salma Hayek and possibly Ryan Beatty, another of those mentioned on that list, although when asked if that would affect her ability to be impartial when assessing the facts, she said she was able to keep an “open mind.”

The model is expected to return to the court this Thursday along with the rest of the ‘pre-selected’.