Bold! Christina Aguilera Tries To Hide The Obvious … But She Is Seen! Do Not Wear Anything?

Christina Aguilera

He sat down improperly and did not realize what he was showing.

The American singer Christina Aguilera is one of the faithful representatives of pop music, who in the 90s managed to catapult herself as one of the most influential artists worldwide.

In addition to her vocal talent and mastery of the stages, Christina has always been praised for her undeniable physical beauty, which almost borders on perfection.

With an hourglass body, dreamy eyes and an almost porcelain skin, the performer of the famous song “Genie in a Bottle”, a song that is most remembered, remains intact at the age of 39. 

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Merry ❌mas

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Despite having been in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions throughout her artistic career, Aguilera continues to give what to talk about although at this stage of her life he tries to stay low profile.

In one of the most recent posts on her Instagram account, the singer of Ecuadorian descent showed one of her looks to the party and the result was totally unexpected.

It turns out that Christina was photographed while sitting in a striking seat of a nightclub, dressed only in a fuchsia oversize sweater that did not fully cover her most precious parts.

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Noche latina con mis chicos 💖

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Christina Aguilera’s outfit was so short that she had to use her tiny wallet to try to cover what she was wearing between her legs, but she fails. As expected, this unleashed a wave of spicy comments from her followers.