Horror! Alejandra Guzmán Suffers The Consequences Of An Unfortunate Incident


The singer is now resting.

Alejandra Guzmán is one of the most controversial artists in the entertainment world, her irreverence, and way of being have earned her more “haters” than fans.

But recently the Mexican singer has added new followers for being authentic and sharing one of her most fearsome moments.

Through social networks, he reported that he had to perform an emergency operation following the terrible consequences that left him a bad decision from the past.

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Feliz domingo!

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A few years ago, the interpreter of “Making love with another” wanted to improve her figure by increasing her buttocks, but everything went incredibly wrong.

And unfortunately, Silvia Pinal’s daughter was injected with a toxic substance that visibly affected much of the area’s tissue.

“I’m fine, thank God. They took me a bit more of the ugly, of the bad thing that eight years ago they put me out there, but everything is fine and I am recovering. My dad also visits me to give me love and kisses, ”said the 51-year-old artist in an interview.

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Visita que me llena el corazón de alegria

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According to a statement published by the agency that represents her, Alejandra Guzmán was discharged the same day of the surgery, but she wanted to stay another day to make sure she was completely well.