The Day Will Smith Broke The Internet Singing ‘La Bamba’


The actor surprised with how well he speaks Spanish

Will Smith is one of the most loved celebrities in Mexico. Not only for the different productions in which he has participated but for the love he has for the country. And it is that on more than one occasion he has visited Mexican lands and has surprised his fans.

Only two years ago he brought out the smiles of millions of his followers when he showed himself singing the famous song “La Bamba”. It was a video that he shared on his Instagram account that detonated everything.

In the clip he shared through his Instagram account he is seen playing with a band in the Cayman Islands while singing the song. “To dance the Bamba (imagine that with my bad voice to sing) Shoutout to the Pandemix steel drum band of the Cayman Islands!” Wrote the American actor and rapper.

Weeks before this video, the famous had shared a video in which he sang the song “Kiss me a lot”, a famous Mexican song written by Consuelo Velázquez in 1940. Without a doubt, the rapper has earned the love that Mexico has for him and the world.

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