Luis Fonsi’s Message That Leaves His Fans Worried


We tell you the truth of what you are living

Luis Fonsi surprised on the morning of Sunday, January 12, posting a post on his Instagram account where, not only does he talk about his sadness and concern for everything that is happening with his countrymen in Puerto Rico, but he also confesses that he is going through A difficult personal situation.

“It has been a beginning to this 2020 full of challenges and tests. Difficult situations on a personal level and all the pain that my Boricuas brothers are going through. These are the moments where one has to fill oneself with strength, with Faith and simply put forward. It will be a great year, we will be fine and we will get out of this. Remember that the world belongs to optimists. I’m not going to give up, and you? Let’s go !!! #DesahogoDominguistico ” .

A week after starting a new season of ‘La Voz USA’, Fonsi, who is one of the most beloved figures in the artistic environment, rarely makes this type of personal confession and worried about this domestic relief as he calls it.

Far from all speculation and rather in an attempt not to spread an uncertain rumor, investigating about his personal situation and we could confirm that his father-in-law, father of his wife, Agueda López, died on January 1, something he has to the whole mourning family and trying to spend this sad moment as close as possible.

From here we send our condolences and peace to the whole family.