He Is Seen! Jennifer Lopez Was Betrayed by Her Wardrobe and Her Curves Were Exposed


The famous celebrity celebrated her new union an important clothing brand.

Undoubtedly, Jennifer Lopez is going through one of the best moments of her career. With 50 years of age, the artist stands out in everything she does, whether with music, with cinema and, now also, with fashion.

Currently, the actress born in New York is preparing to witness one of the most important shows that an artist can give, this is the part-time show of the Super Bowl.

But during the great wait for this event, Jennifer Lopez showed her happiness by confirming that she will be the new face of the famous Versace brand for the 2020 campaigns.

The interpreter of the hits “On the floor” and “Ain’t your mama” caused a stir in social networks after its revelation of being the image of the prestigious Italian fashion brand by the famous model and businesswoman Donatella Versace

JLo dazzled her fans and captivated the audience with stunning garments, the first being the one that took all eyes, as this design is a clear tribute to her iconic green Versace dress that he used in the 2000 Grammys awards.

“I am very excited because I can finally reveal that I am the image of the # VersaceSS20 campaign! Thanks to @Donatella_Versace and everyone at @Versace for their vision and collaboration, ” the successful artist had expressed in communicating her new achievement.

However, there was a detail that surprised all her fans in the backstage of this photoshoot. And Donatella Versace shared an image in which Jennifer Lopez can be seen on her back in a pretty loose dress, which almost did not see her rear attributes.