Jay-Z And Beyoncé Send Gift To Actress Who Ordered Champagne For Couple At Golden Globe


Actress Reese Witherspoon was surprised at her home with a gift from the power couple.

JAY Z, Beyonce and Reese Witherspoon shared a moment at the Golden Globe recently. The actress’s table ran out of water during the ceremony and she saw that a powerful couple of music had brought their own bottles of Jay’s owner Ace of Spades champagne to the awards. What did the actress do? She approached Bey and Jay and ordered a pair of cups for her and her co-star Jennifer Aniston. And of course, they did.

Only it didn’t stop there. JAY Z and Beyonce sent a gift to Reese Witherspoon’s house after the fact: a box of champagne. The actress showed everything on Instagram Stories, even the card they sent, written “more water”.

Who told the story about the water scarcity at the Golden Globe table was Jennifer Aniston. Also on Instagram Stories, she said, “Reese !? That is one of the many reasons why I love you. We ran out of the water on the table, so naturally, she asked Jay Z and Beyoncé for a glass of their champagne. ”

Check it out below.