Halsey Doesn’t Wear Pajamas: She Likes To Sleep Like This! Attention


It is not surprising that for Halsey, the habit of pajamas before bed is not an impediment to getting into bed. In a recent publication, we noticed that for the singer, a coat, a flannel and a short is enough to find comfort at bedtime and if she is traveling even more.

Her unconventional style is rather very own, has allowed him not to follow rules when leading his life. In this photograph, you can see with a beige furry coat, which seems to have received some yellow, blue and red paint. Another special touch is the suede high boots and riveted rim. As an innovative artist, Halsey can afford to look the way she likes without being seen badly. She is used to surprising her faithful by showing her varied photographs, in which she shares moments that for another artist would be private and special.

For the interpreter of Graveyard, traveling is part of her routine, her presentations to different events fill her schedule, so it is normal for her to sleep in airplanes, buses, among others, as in the snapshot

Halsey and her colorful style

In one of her recent participation in the Byron Bay Falls Festival in Australia, Halsey, with the aim of looking consistent with his multichromatic energy, chose a very particular ensemble. A layered mini skirt and a tiny blouse gave free rein to your imagination, where colors and butterflies were the main protagonists.

The ideas of Halsey, who designed all her attire, were carried out by LAROXX, a store specializing in leather clothing and other textures, they make garments for many artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney Spears. Subsequently, the color was taken over by another artist, Risk, who gave him the final life. This piece is the reflection of Halsey’s infinite creativity, which does not stop being renewed

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