Keanu Reeves Is Caught Delighting In Cone After Leaving Fat Tip In Ice Cream Shop

Keanu Reeves eating ice cream in Los Angeles (Photo: Instagram)

‘Matrix’ franchise star posed for fan photo after enjoying ice cream in the parking lot. Watch the video!

Actor Keanu Reeves was caught delighting in a cone after leaving a generous tip at a Los Angeles ice cream parlor. The Matrix franchise star appears in a video in which he is sitting alone in front of a parking lot outside the ice cream shop, enjoying his ice cream alone – watch the video at the end of the text.

Famous for his humility, Reeves is constantly spotted in Los Angeles subway cars and almost never seen in the company of Hollywood agents and bigwigs. After finishing his ice cream, the actor still posed smiling for photos with a fan passing by.

A source from the British Daily Mail newspaper present at the Los Angeles ice cream parlor at the time of Reeves’s visit revealed that the actor left a “fat tip” to the staff who attended him and was extremely sympathetic to the other patrons of the establishment.

Reeves caused a commotion in late 2019 for publicizing his relationship with artist Alexandra Grant. Dating is the first actor to go public in over 20 years. She accompanied him on more than one red carpet late last year.

The actor will have a full schedule in 2020 after signing to star in two of the 2021 major blockbusters: ‘Matrix 4’ and ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’. Remember that the two were scheduled for release on the same day: May 21, 2021.

Watch the video of Reeves catching ice cream alone by a Los Angeles parking lot: