Fortnite, DrLupo Will Present At Pax South Liferun, The Mode Where Lives Are Saved


The new Fortnite mode will be called Liferun and is designed in collaboration with the Red Cross. For this reason, lives will be saved. It will be presented by DrLupo at Pax South 2020.

The new Fortnite mode will be called Liferun and is designed in collaboration with the International Red Cross. At the moment few details are known, except that lives will be saved and DrLupo, ONE_shot_GURL, and Lachlan will present it at Pax South 2020.

As always Fortnite evolves and changes every few weeks. After hosting Star Wars, even if the Star Wars Lightsabers were plagued by a bug, this time it will definitely change its philosophy. During Pax South 2020, in fact, streamers of the caliber of DrLupo, ONE_shot_GURL, and Lachlan will play in the Liferun, the new model designed in collaboration with theInternational Red Cross. For this reason, the goal will be to save lives, not take them off.

Liferun will be contained within the creative mode and will be presented on 19 January 2020 starting at 5 pm in the Arena section of Pax South.