Kylie Jenner: These Videos That Prove That She Does Not Take The Lead!


Kylie Jenner posted several videos of her with her make-up artist! Internet users really liked their complicity!

Kylie Jenner and her makeup artist posted very funny videos in their Instagram story! Indeed, fans of the star literally loved it … MCE TV tells you more!

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner posted several videos in her story! In the pictures, Stormi’s mom was accompanied by her friend and make-up Artist Ariel! Together, they made Internet users laugh a lot! Indeed, many fans of the stars have commented on her posts!

Indeed, a Kylie Jenner fan account posted several of her videos! Internet users, therefore, took pleasure in commenting on these publications! We, therefore, let you view the images in question below! Kylie is laughing, right?

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Some funny videos from yesterday

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Yesterday, the ex of Travis Scott revealed the backstage of one of his photoshoot! Indeed, the reality TV star posted several videos during her beauty! Her make-up artist, Ariel, was therefore on-site! Indeed, Kylie Jenner and he have been inseparable for a few years! Together, they seem to have a lot of fun! Indeed, for a moment, Ariel even pretends to take her hair off the nose … which Kylie does not like at all! Never mind, the latter does not hesitate to annoy him too!

Many Internet users have reacted to these videos! Indeed, they seem to love the bond that Kylie Jenner has with Ariel! Many of them have commented on it! ”  Too good on this Kylie video!” I love your friendship with Ariel! Your cow love is so funny! » Can we read! Messages that will please the star!