Kim Kardashian: This Kanye West Project That Should Not Please Him!


Kim Kardashian will have to separate from her husband for some time! Because the Kanye West has decided to tour Europe and Africa on tour!

It’s been a year since Kanye West has been a whole different person, especially since he hosted his masses which have become very popular. Besides, Kim Kardashian’s husband does not intend to stop there!

Indeed Kanye West has become a spiritual figure in recent months. The masses he hosts are so successful that the artist may soon cross borders. Become very pious, the singer who does more rap now has completely changed his way of thinking. It must be said that his meetings with Donald Trump do not help his ego! Besides, he even predicted that he would become president of the United States, that’s to say!

His last album entitled “Jesus is King” dedicated to religious songs was like a bomb! As much in the world of music as with his fans. Suffice to say that the singer managed to reach a completely different audience. They would not miss his masses for anything in the world. Aware of this craze, the former rapper has many plans! However, it is Kim Kardashian who will not be happy!


We can no longer stop him, Kanye West would like to broadcast his masses beyond the United States. Very often his family goes there with him, Kim Kardashian does not hesitate to bring their children. Many celebrities too, like the couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Or DJ Diplo. It happens on Sunday, on the hills of Calabasas.

So for the French who were eager to participate, know that this will soon be possible. As revealed by TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s husband is considering itThe meetings would, therefore, be exported to Europe but also to Africa in the coming months! Then finished rap concerts, Kanye has a whole new way of doing the “show”.