Kim Kardashian Opens ‘Empty’ Refrigerator and Followers Mock: “Do You Eat Air?”

Socialite Kim Kardashian in front of her empty fridge (Photo: Instagram)

Socialite follower said she doesn’t understand what a refrigerator is like for a family of two adults and four children

Socialite Kim Kardashian has been the target of jokes and ironies on social networks after sharing on Instagram a photo in which she poses in front of her fridge. What caused controversy regarding the registry concerns the lack of food inside the refrigerator.

In the picture, Kim appears distracted, dressed in a sweatshirt and a top, while grabbing a plate from inside the fridge. However, there is almost nothing else in the refrigerator. Remember that Kim lives with her husband, rapper Kanye West, and their four children.

“Do you eat air?” I asked one person in the post’s comment space. “I don’t see any food inside this fridge…” another one found. “Your fridge is completely empty,” wrote a third.

“And the bullshit, Kim? Completely disappointed, ”joked someone else. “I don’t see how this can be the refrigerator of a family with four children, not at home here,” said one follower. “Do the kids have their fridge?” Someone asked.

Remember that Kim and the other four sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are under constant criticism for starring in dietary supplements accused of stimulating eating disorders.

So far, Kim has not responded publicly to questions and jokes from fans and followers on social networks.