Khloé Kardashian: His Accent Shocks Internet Users! (Video)


An old video by Khloé Kardashian has appeared on the web! We can expect the young woman to speak with a funny accent!

An old video by Khloé Kardashian has surfaced on the canvas! Indeed, we can hear the reality TV star speak with a funny accent … MCE TV tells you more!

Kendall Jenner just posted a family video! While she and her sister are her babies, Khloé Kardashian addresses Bruce with a funny voice! Indeed, the young woman speaks with an accent and intonation never heard before. .. Many Internet users have noticed this change!

Khloé’s little sister’s post was a real success on Instagram! Indeed, the post has already accumulated more than 7 million views … A huge score! There are also many comments! And one thing is certain, Internet users have only one word to mouth: the accent of Khloé Kardashian!

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On the video, we can wait for Khloé to address Bruce! Indeed, the young woman says. “Kylie had lunch and I wasn’t looking at her very well. I gave her yogurt and she got it everywhere. And now she is taking a bath. In the sink, because I was too lazy to bring it upstairs, ” says Khloé Kardashian!  A video too cute certainly, but Internet users had only one thing in mind: the accent of Khloé! 

“She comes out of it or her British or Australian accent, it’s too weird! “  Can we read on the canvas, while other Internet users think that Khloé Kardashian had an Australian accent at the time: ” She speaks exactly like the Australians! I’m sure it was just for style! It’s ridiculous today and it was already at the time! » Messages that will not please Khloé!