Kardashian Brother Asks For Full Custody Of Daughter And Accuses Former Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse

Rob Kardashian with his daughter Dream on his lap, the result of his relationship with model and businesswoman Blac Chyna (Photo: Instagram)

Rob Kardashian even released intimate photos of Blac Chyna when the two broke up

Businessman Rob Kardashian is seeking US custody of his daughter Dream (3) in full charges of drug and alcohol abuse against a former, model, dancer and businesswoman Blac Chyna. The lawsuit filed by socialite brother Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and son of businesswoman Kris Jenner was reported by US website TMZ.

The publication had access to documents filed in court by Rob’s lawyers. The businessman’s legal representatives ask Chyna to have access to her daughter only Saturday and Sunday, always in the company of a nanny. The documents say that Chyna is out of control and that people close to her can confirm her erratic behavior. Khloé Kardashian would be one of those witnesses.

Rob’s sources say that Chyna constantly has parties at her house, even receiving guests she doesn’t know, always with Dream present. The contacts also claim that Chyna is constantly drunk and her former employee says she spends $ 600 a day on drink. She is also accused of cocaine addiction and being aggressive, throwing objects from her house at guests and staff.

Rob Kardashian says his daughter has been reproducing Chyna’s habits – like doing naked sexy dances around the house and saying that she learned the practice from her mother. He also claims that his daughter is delivered to him weekly with dirty hair, teeth, and nails and that Dream has been using more and more profanity under his mother’s influence. 

Khloé’s contribution to the documents is in the report that she had noticed a change in her niece’s behavior. She says Dream has been “more aggressive” whenever she returns from her mother’s house and has told her that she doesn’t like to go back to Chyna’s house. Rob also reports that his daughter assaulted a schoolmate in December.

In addition to her daughter’s primary custody, Rob wants her ex to undergo drug and alcohol testing before each of Chyna’s encounters with her daughter. Sought by the US press, Chyna has not yet commented publicly on the accusations and the lawsuit filed by her ex-boyfriend.

Rob and Chyna’s relationship has always been marked by controversy. She has always been public disaffection of the five sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and their relationship has caused the quintet to move away from her brother. Chyna even has a son from a previous relationship with rapper Tyga – who dated Kylie Jenner while she dated Rob Kardashian. 

Then, when their relationship ended, Rob shared intimate photos of his ex on social networks – though soon erased, the images almost made him lose custody of his daughter in the process of separation.