Jessica Thivenin Mom: 3 Months After Giving Birth She Reveals Her Figure!


Already 3 months since Jessica Thivenin became a mother. The young woman, therefore, decided to reveal her new silhouette after all this time

Some women are reluctant to get pregnant for a specific fact: the fact that they are going to gain weight. Indeed, there is no secret. Pregnancy is perhaps the most beautiful thing in a woman’s life, but weight gain is unfortunately mandatory. It is not Jessica Thivenin who will say the opposite. Maylone’s mom often posts videos, since she became a mom, to show the evolution of her figure.

If Jessica Thivenin is not yet perfect, we can still recognize that she has a very beautiful body for a woman who gave birth 3 months ago. Certainly, some mothers manage to lose weight much faster than the darling of Thibault. But the latter does not have to complain despite everything.

On her Snapchat account, Maylone’s mom wanted to show the parts of her body that she wanted to see disappear. Jessica Thivenin, thus making known: ”  I would like to lose a little bit here (she shows her wrist of love: note) and I would also like to lose here between the thighs. Just that, a little up there and it’s perfect. “.


As we told you, Jessica Thivenin may need to lose a few pounds to regain a perfect body. However, the young mother does not have to complain and recognizes it of herself. Indeed, for a woman who gave birth only 3 months ago, many would like to look like her at the same stage. Thibault’s sweetheart knows this and recognizes it:

“It’s still pretty cool my body eh. I’m not going to complain because frankly, I went to France, I knocked out all that is fatter. Fondues, raclettes, McDonalds, Quick… Foie gras, Christmas meal. I farted everything in France I will not lie to you. I did not go there by 4 paths. Frankly, I’m happy with the result anyway. ”

In any case, Jessica Thivenin seems to be motivated by the idea of ​​resuming sport. Indeed, she also added that she would soon take up the abs: “  I would love to be able to do abs. I can’t wait to do it and find my stomach. “