Fortnite Chapter 2: Overtime Challenges Coming Tomorrow 9 January 2020?


Tomorrow, Thursday 9 January 2020, the developers of Epic Games could finally make the new extraordinary time challenges available on Fortnite Chapter 2.

Where are finite challenges extraordinary times of Fortnite Chapter 2? Punctually, whenever the end of a new season of play approaches, the players ask themselves this question. Curiosity, moreover, is skyrocketing: the new extraordinary time challenges will also be the first-ever in Chapter 2 (Season 1).

Most likely, the developers of Epic Games will make the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Extraordinary Time Challenges available tomorrow, Thursday 9 January 2020. Not simply because it is a Thursday: in the game menu dedicated to the challenges there is a mysterious empty box, which promises to be activated precisely tomorrow. Since Season 1’s missions are now over, and so are the Christmas and Star Wars missions, only those with overtime remain. Unless Epic Games secretly organized a new collaboration.

Overtime challenges may offer something completely new about Fortnite, or already seen. In this second case, they will allow you to unlock additional styles and cosmetic items for skins unlocked with the Battle Pass of Chapter 2 Season 1. We will keep you updated, and notify you as soon as they are officially available. Of course, the challenges won’t come without Update 11.40.