After Being Criticized For Wearing A Typical Australian Animal Skin Slipper, Kylie Jenner Donates US $ 1 Million For Firefighting In The Country.

Kylie Jenner caused controversy by posting photo of mink fur slipper (Photo: Instagram)

Socialite Joins Nicole Kidman, Pink, and Chris Hemsworth Among Donated Celebrities

Businesswoman Kylie Jenner is the most celebrity on the list of firefighting money donors that have been hitting Australia for a few months.

According to People magazine, Kylie is making a $ 1 million donation to entities that tackle the country’s climate problems.

The donation comes after socialite received a string of criticism on the Internet for posting a photo wearing a mink fur slipper, a typical Australian animal that resembles the ferret. Kylie posted the photo shortly after making a social media alert about the growing number of dead animals in Australia.

“The post was completely unintentional,” a source close to the businesswoman told People magazine. “Kylie keeps her desire to help alleviate the devastation caused by the fires.”

The list of celebrities who donated money for firefighting in Australia has names like Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Pink, and Chris Hemsworth.