Actor Shows Airport Security Searching His Luggage and Holding Golden Globe

Los Angeles Airport Security Officer Checking Golden Globe Won by Actor and Comedian Ramy Youssef (Photo: Instagram)

Ramy Youssef says “random” inspection stems from suspicion under his Muslim name

Actor and comedian Ramy Youssef shared on Instagram a series of videos of Los Angeles airport security guards searching his luggage and inspecting his Golden Globe trophy as he boarded back to New York.

Youssef was awarded the trophy for his work on the ‘Ramy’ series, defeating Michael Douglas, Bill Hader, Ben Platt, and Paul Rudd for Best Actor in a Moody Series at the ceremony hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“The ‘random’ inspections you have to go through when you have an Islamic name,” wrote the Egyptian descendant artist as he shared the records in the Stories section of his Instagram account.

The videos are available at the end of the text and show the box with the Youssef trophy passing through the airport x-ray and then being opened for inspection by one of the airport security officers.

The airport clerk then opens the box and holds the trophy in her hands. Youssef then laughs: “Is this part of the test? You need to make sure it’s gone. ”

Youssef’s thank you speech at the Golden Globe 2020 was one of the most humorous of the event: “Guys, I know you didn’t watch my show. Everyone is asking, ‘Is it a publisher?’ ”.

Then he said, “My mother was rooting for Michael Douglas. The Egyptians love Michael Douglas, I know if you know that, ”he said looking at Kirk Douglas’s son. Watch the video shared by the actor showing his Los Angeles airport experience: