Serial Actor Splits Fans By Displaying Giant Snake Tattoo On Back

The tattoo on the back of actor Nathan Fillion (Photo: Instagram)

Nathan Fillion was sorry for the tattoo when sharing the photo on social networks

Actor Nathan Fillion divided his fans and followers on social networks by sharing on Instagram a photo of his new tattoo. The 48-year-old star of the ‘Castle’ series did not reveal the location of the paradise beach where he is enjoying his family vacation but was slightly regretful of the giant snake draws and his back.

“It was an amazing vacation,” Fillion wrote in the photo caption showing the tattoo. “Good times on vacation (not in the photo), good times with family (not in the photo) and maybe a bad choice (in the photo). This trip was legendary. Now, do I need to get back to work? Please let me know if I am wrong. Please”.

“Horrible!” Exclaimed one person in the photo comment space. “I found a beautiful tattoo,” complimented another. “I hope you get out when you wash …” joked a third. “Noooo!” Someone else shouted.

A protagonist of ‘Castle’ between 2009 and 2016, Fillion is scheduled to work with director James Gunn on ‘Suicide Squad’, scheduled for release in August 2021. Over the past few years, the actor has also lent his voice in several voices acting. DC Comics characters in superhero movies and animated series.