Salma Hayek, 53, Becomes The Golden Globe Muse With Cleavage And Acclaim On Social Networks

Actress Salma Hayek during her stint on the Golden Carpet 2020 red carpet

The actress posed for photos next to friends Antonio Banderas, Pedro Almodóvar and Patricia Arquette

Mexican actress Salma Hayek stole the scene during her trip to the Golden Globe ceremony. The 53-year-old celebrity attended the event with a glued look on her body, marked by generous cleavage.

The artist’s costumes were acclaimed on the networks during her participation in the awards and also on her posts on social networks – in photos shared before, during and after the awards.

Hayek presented alongside actress Tiffany Hadish the award for Best Actress in Miniseries or TV Movie, won by actress Michelle Williams, for her work on the TV series ‘Fosse / Verdon’.

The actresses made jokes about how Hollywood treats immigrants and their accents. She purposely missed her speech, as if she didn’t know what she was reading in English – watch the end of the text.

On Instagram, Hayek shared a photo revealing her look before the party. “Here we go!” He wrote in the image caption. During the event, she shared a photo posing with friends Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodovar.

Finally, she ended her networking activities last night with a photo of her friend Patricia Arquette, Golden Globe winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie for ‘The Act’.

“I am very proud of my friend Patricia Arquette, who performed two of the best TV performances this season,” she wrote in the caption of a photo in which she appears hugging with her friend at the post-Golden Globe party.

“Salma Hayek is a goddess,” wrote one person on Twitter while sharing a record of the actress at the Golden Globe. “It’s like wine, it only gets better with time,” said another. “Can we just talk about Salma Hayek?” Asked a third.

Watch an excerpt from Hayek’s Golden Globe 2020 appearance alongside actress Tiffany Hadish: