Pitt Reminds ‘Titanic’ Of Dicaprio’s Golden Globe Shoot-out: “I’d Share The Door With You”

Actor Brad Pitt joked with his friend Leonardo DiCaprio in reference to the finale of Titanic (1997)

The actor had already mocked his castmate in ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood’ because of the controversy surrounding the 1997 movie.

Actor Brad Pitt made a joke and tease with his friend Leonardo DiCaprio in his Golden Globe 2020 thank-you speech after receiving the Best Supporting Actor trophy for his work on ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood’ (2019).

Initially, Pitt thanked the castmate’s partnership and fellowship: “He’s a star, a gentleman and I wouldn’t be here without you, man. Thanks”.

Then came a mention of the controversial scene of the death of DiCaprio’s character in ‘Titanic’ (1997). It is still debated whether hero Jack could have survived if he and his partner Rose had split her piece of wood.

“I would have split that door,” joked Pitt – watch the video showing the actor’s joke at the end of the text.

During the release of ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood’s scene had already resulted in jokes by Pitt and actress Margot Robbie with DiCaprio in an interview in which he was embarrassed when asked if he could have given Jack to the door.

While Pitt and Robbie laughed over a question, DiCaprio got serious, staring at the floor, and said, “I have no comment.”

“This is funny. I’m going to review now and pay attention to that, for sure, ”Pitt teased amid laughter. “This is the biggest controversy in the history of cinema!” Said Robbie ironically. “All the time!” Exclaimed DiCaprio.

Pitt’s speech was also marked by a joke about his love life. He said, “I would like to bring my mother (to the awards), but I couldn’t because every woman I’m around, they say I’m dating.”

Watch the video with Pitt’s joke with DiCaprio: