Lady Gaga Admits That She And Bradley Cooper Invented Affair Rumors

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga backstage at the 2019 Oscars

The duo starred ‘A Star Is Born’

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper starred in ‘A Star Is Born’ (2018) and rumors indicated that the pair was evolving the working relationship into something more intimate.

At the time, the two celebrities were in serious relationships – both are over – but rumors pointed to a possible affair between Gaga and Cooper nonetheless.

However, the singer and actress finally admitted that it was all a prank with the duo’s fans. “We really did a good job of fooling everyone. We made it up,” Gaga said in an interview with Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour.

‘One Star Is Born’ was one of the biggest hits of 2018 and both Cooper and Gaga received Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and Actress, respectively, for their work on the film.

The production also featured ‘Shallow’, which won the Oscar for Best Original Song. The pair also performed live music during the award ceremony, in a hot performance that at the time only heightened rumors that Gaga and Cooper were having an affair.