After launching a call for donations for Australia, Kylie Jenner to show off her new Louis Vuitton slippers in real fur.

Kylie Jenner’s compassion is limitless. And for good reason, the star wanted to show her support for the animals of Australia. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep her tongue in her pocket and quickly attracted the lightning of Internet users! MCE TV tells you everything!

No need to introduce Kylie Jenner. The 22-year-old woman is an accomplished mom. A prominent businesswoman. A talented influencer. But also and above all, the youngest of the Kardashian – Jenner clan. As the youngest billionaire in the world, Kris’ daughter must, therefore, mobilize when a tragic event occurs. For several weeks, Australia has been facing a natural disaster.

Indeed, the uncontrollable fires spread more and more and ravage the country. In fact, many stars have spoken out on this subject. In particular Joaquin Phoenix during the Golden Globes ceremony. So, Kylie Jenner wanted to do the same. So she took over social networks to comment on the famous photo of the firefighter holding a koala in his arms: “  More than half a billion animals have been killed in Australia. It breaks my heart… ”


In a way, this message could have been sincere. But that was without counting on the dazzling illumination with which Kylie Jenner was struck a few hours later. After expressing their support for the animals and mourning their death, Kim’s sister had a good idea to post her brand new pair of Louis Vuitton slippers. And the worst part is that these are made of real fur!

Fans quickly grabbed the Web to criticize the young woman. ”  Kylie Jenner who calls for donations for grilled animals in Australia to post her shoes in FUR 3 stories further on … what era do we live in anyway?” “; ”  Hypocrisy” or “A shame. “ So many messages that have been constantly belittled the star …