Kelly Vedovelli Reveals A Rare Photo Of Her Little Brother On Instagram!


Kelly Vedovelli often posts photos on Instagram. In the last, she decided to reveal a tender moment with her brother.

Kelly Vedovelli continues to panic with the canvas with her latest post on Instagram. She shared a photo of her little brother. We show you everything!

Kelly Vedovelli is indeed back at the start of the year on the set of TPMP. The young woman is a major asset for the show and seems to be always well appreciated by her boss. However, it is not the same for his friend Maxime Guény. The latter, who is less and less present on the show, should come back with a new project.

Indeed, he will be able to present a media column during TPMP. Fans are quite surprised by this new choice. However, the other columnists remain well around the table like Kelly Vedovelli or Agathe Approx. His speeches always make his colleagues and the public laugh. The young woman has a strong community!


Kelly Vedovelli posted new photos on social media. First of all, she decided to strike a pose alongside her brother. However, we do not see the face of the latter. They seem more accomplices than ever. However, the young woman remains fairly discreet about her private life. However, she does not hesitate to constantly feed her Instagram account, to the delight of her fans.

In addition, Kelly Vedovelli does not hesitate to promote a watch on her last post. She marked in legend: “I think this nice gift pleased my little bro.” The star of the TPMP show is in great demand by brands. Indeed, she has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram. However, it is still far from its rival Agathe Auproux, which has more than 700,000 subscribers. It must be said that the program seen on average by more than a million people, changed their lives. Thus, the pretty blonde intends to win and stay in TPMP!