Jason Momoa Eats Hamburger And More Regatta Parade At Post Golden Globe Party

Jason Momoa eating hamburger during post Golden Globe party (Photo: Twitter)

Actor arrived at his jacket award but was only seen racing during the ceremony

Jason Momoa, famous for starring ‘Aquaman’, stole the spotlight during Golden Globe 2020 because of his look. The star arrived at the event wearing a green suit jacket, but during the ceremony, he was seen only in a tank top – without his suit jacket on top.

And the actor went on betting on the stripped-down style during one of the parties that took place in post-Golden Globe Los Angeles. A video published by Variety journalist Ramin Setoodeh shows Momoa in a tank top eating a hamburger during an event promoted by producer Warner Bros.

Momoa attended the Golden Globe with her wife, actress Lisa Bonet, and stepdaughter, also actress Zoe Kravitz. Momoa – wearing his jacket – and Kravitz took the stage of the ceremony to award prizes in two categories.

On social networks, the actor’s fans talked about him wearing a tank top and eating hamburgers during a talking party. “As if he were at a local bar on a Saturday night,” one follower pointed out. “That’s Momoa’s style for sure,” defended another fan. “If I looked good this way with a tank top, I’d never wear anything else,” joked a third.