Former ‘Incredible Years’ Youth Star Celebrates 45 With Bikini Click And Fan-Cheered

Former star of the Incredible Years series, actress Danica McKellar is 45

Danica McKellar works as a math textbook author and voices the Miss Mars character from the ‘Young Justice’ animation

Actress Danica McKellar has been acclaimed by her fans for sharing on Instagram a photo in which she poses in a bikini to celebrate her 45th birthday. The celebrity was famous for playing the character Winnie Cooper in the series ‘Incredible Years’, aired between 1988 and 1993. Her character was the romantic pair of the production’s lead actor Fred Savage.

“Coming this way in 2020…”, wrote the actress in the photo caption, along with the hashtag “#ThisIs45” (“This is 45”), remembering her birthday celebrated last January 3rd.

McKellar is currently in her second marriage. She was married to Mike Verta between 2009 and 2013, during which time she gave birth to her only son, Draco Verta (9 years old). She has been married since 2014 to Scott Svelosky.

Since the end of ‘Incredible Years’ McKellar has reconciled her career as an actress, with endings in series like ‘The Big Bang Theory’, with an exacting academic life. She graduated in Mathematics from the University of California and has published several studies and research in prestigious publications in her field.

In recent years she has published three math textbooks for girls. Since 2019 McKellar has been responsible for voicing the Miss Mars character in the ‘Young Justice’ cartoon.