Actress Chloë Sevigny Reveals She Is Pregnant For The First Time At 45

Actress Chloe Sevigny at a gala event in New York

‘Kids’ and ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ star in relationship with art gallery director Sinisa Mackovic

Actress Chloë Sevigny revealed to be pregnant for the first time at 45. The information was confirmed by celebrity aides to the TMZ website after she was photographed walking the streets of New York alongside her boyfriend, art gallery director Sinisa Mackovic, and with her belly giving evidence of advanced pregnancy.

The disclosure of pregnancy occurs soon after the actress shared on Instagram a photo in which she appears smiling on the streets of New York. In the subtitle of the record, she made public the good moment she lives: “Much gratitude for such a fruitful year, much love and thank you to all my friends and collaborators.”

Sevigny’s pregnancy rumors began in late 2019 after she attended a gala event in New York where there was already evidence of her growing belly, but the celebrity did not confirm her pregnancy at the time.

Director of the Karma Art Gallery of New York, Sinisa Mackovic was first seen with Sevigny in August 2018.

Oscar and Golden Globe nominee in 2000 for her work on the drama ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (1999), Sevigny won the 2010 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Series Actress for her performance on ‘Big Love’.

In 2018 she gave an interview to the Who What Wear website in which she was considering the possibility of having a child in the near future. She stated at the time: “I still have all the articles about the different works I did, rehearsals, event photos, clothes I used at the Oscars. It’s embarrassing. I better have a daughter soon or I don’t know what will happen. ”