There Are John David Washington And Robert Pattinson In Tenet’s New Photo


The new year brings with it a rundown of images of the most anticipated films of the next film season, including inevitably the new, highly anticipated Christopher Nolan film with Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, Tenet.

The characters of the two actors are exactly what we see in this new official photo of the film, which follows the spectacular Tenet trailer released last December. Obviously nothing transpires regarding the plot or the situation in which the two find themselves, but the atmosphere is obviously that of the spy film that Nolan has never made a mystery of wanting to shoot.

Tenet will, therefore, mark the umpteenth cinematographic genre experienced by Nolan, passed with ease from the introspective drama of Memento to the science fiction of Inception and Interstellar, passing through the cinecomic of the Batman trilogy and the war film with Dunkirk. Once again, the common denominator will probably be the concept of time so dear to the director, at least according to what is seen in the trailer.

However, the image we show you today is not the first to come out in this first glimpse of 2020: in fact, yesterday, the first image of Tenet had always been released depicting the character of John David Washington in an apparent lack of oxygen.