The One Used By Dicaprio Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood Was A Real Launcher


“Oh, that was a real flamethrower!” Leonardo DiCaprio, the Rick Dalton of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, tells how it was to focus and flames a room full of stuntmen dressed as Nazis in the Tarantino film.

During an interview with Variety, Leonardo DiCaprio, together with his co-star Brad Pitt, recalled the particular experience on the set.

” The first day I had to shoot using the flamethrower was really tough. All the best stuntmen in the history of the city showed up at this Nazi convention. It was spectacular. I really had to set it on fire, ” DiCaprio said of the scene. meta-cinema at the beginning of the film, in which he played the protagonist of a film entitled “The 14 fists of McCluskey”.

” The heat came back to me, straight in the face. I started having chronic headaches that day. I knew this flamethrower story would come back, but meanwhile, one was gone,“.

The flamethrower made its return even in the final of the film, giving life to a truly epic scene.

But in the meantime, there were those who laughed …” [The script of the day] said ‘LDC rehearsal with the flamethrower ‘. And I kept thinking ‘Aaaww this is going to be awful. It’s going to be really awful

And according to Leo, it really was …