League Of Legends, Monstrous Revenues In 2019


League of Legends continues to be immensely successful and only in 2019 did it generate a monstrous amount of revenue.

League of Legends produced monstrous revenues in 2019. There is talk of 1.5 billion dollars, according to the digital market analysis company SuperData, despite the ten years since the launch. Only Fortnite did better, with 1.8 billion dollars, always taking into account only 2019.

Furthermore, also in the past year, League of Legends produced $ 100 million in revenues more than 2018. Compared to 2016 and as of 2017, the result is still lower, given that we are talking about 1.7 and 2.1 billion dollars collected in total.

However, Riot Games does not intend to stop. The announcements of his internal plans for the League of Legends franchise are still fresh, as well as that of the foundation of the Riot Forge label, which will take care of publishing titles set in the universe of League of Legends developed by third parties.