Will There Be Airships in the Batman as in the Animated Series?


Filming for Matt Reeves’ The Batman has started and has now moved to the countryside, in Cardington, Bedfordshire. That’s where a new, possible clue about the film comes from.

Unfortunately, the image in question has been removed from social media, but you can find it by clicking on the link source at the bottom of the news, where it is still visible.

This is the shed where the scene of a funeral is being filmed, presumably that of the spouses Wayne, even if they are only speculations. The setting should be that of a cathedral, inside which about 500 extras would be filming.

Now, however, the attention of social users is turned to another element present in the frame: the large airships that surround the shed.

But why should airships make the news?

It is understood that these are not means used by the production for technical needs of any kind (of which, of course, we have no confirmation … or denial), according to users, the airships could be a reference to the animated series of 1992, Batman: The Animated Series. Here the airships were frequently used by the Gotham police department, and it is not excluded that in the film they can then be “decorated” in CGI with the appropriate logo (since for the moment they do not seem to present any of them).

The Batman will hit American theaters on June 25, 2021.