Spider-Man 3 Production Will Begin in Summer 2020


Tom Holland is one of the most requested young actors in recent years but his program is already very busy due to his commitment to the Spider-Man franchise. His contract with Sony and Marvel limits him to other jobs and now there has been talked of the postponement of Uncharted’s production due to the start of Spider-Man 3 production.

Initially scheduled for an exit scheduled for July 2021, Uncharted will be sliding due to the start of the production of Spider-Man 3, which will start right next summer. To report the news is Deadline, which underlines how the project of the third Spider-Man film starts in line with previous productions: Homecoming began production in June 2016, in view of the première of the following summer, while Far From Home anticipated the production in July 2018 for a theatrical arrival scheduled for summer 2019.

“I don’t want to talk too much about what will be,” said Tom Holland at the Keystone Comic-Con in Philadelphia 

Holland has long started to tease fans about the next film, underlining how it is an even more fascinating project than the previous ones. Kevin Feige previously claimed that the film was to focus on Peter, taking away the shadow of Iron Man and the other Avengers from Spider-Man.

Thanks to Far From Home, Tom Holland is the most tweeted actor in the world. In addition, Holland specified that Spider-Man’s future is brighter than ever.