Pokémon GO, How to Defeat Team Rocket’s Sierra With a Single Pokémon (Video)


This video shows you how to defeat Sierra of Pokémon GO Team GO Rocket using one and only one Pokémon, here is the guide.

The leaders of Team GO Rocket are really difficult rivals within Pokémon GO: a real challenge even for long-time players, who have enhanced Pokémon. However, and you may not know it, it is possible to defeat Sierra with just one Pokémon. We explain this “trick” is a quick guide.

Defeating Sierra with a single Pokémon on Pokémon GO is really possible, as long as you have an excellent battle Scizor. It is not necessary that this is a specimen with very high IVs, nor even with the PL (Fight Points) brought to the maximum: it is sufficient to have a decent Scizor, especially that it has the move loaded X-Scissor. The latter, of the beetle type, is super effective against Sierra’s Pokémon, it also loads really quickly, perhaps even more important detail than the previous one.

Although it is possible to beat Sierra on Pokémon GO using only one Scizor with Scissor X, we recommend that you have at least two of them in your team, just for safety. Choose freely the third and last Pokémon to use, which you probably won’t even need; by beating this leader of Team GO Rocket you can get a very rare Shadow Absol. Here is a video that will come in handy.