Marvel’s Avengers, Two Other Heroes May Have Been Unveiled


According to some, the appearance of a couple of other superheroes within new LEGO sets could mean their arrival in Marvel’s Avengers as a DLC after the launch.

Other two superheroes may have been revealed for Marvel’s Avengers unintentionally and in a roundabout way, since emerging from some recent LEGO September announced and including Black Panther and Hawkeye, but the issue is still very vague.

Marvel’s Avengers, whose release is scheduled for May 2020 and which therefore still has several months to be presented in its most complete form, already includes several characters: at the moment Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Ms have been confirmed Marvel and Hulk.

These represent the initial base roster of Marvel’s Avengers, to which other superheroes will be added, but only later as additional post-launch content. According to some, the fact that Black Panther and Hawkeye have appeared in some LEGO sets arriving in 2020 could be a clue to their arrival in Marvel’s Avengers.

According to GameRant, for example, the fact that these sets are scheduled for 2020 and probably close to the release of the new game Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix could represent a link, also because they do not seem to arrive in conjunction with the various TV series planned for Disney +, which are successive.

See us a link with Marvel’s Avengers it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s still likely that the two can be included in the game’s hero cast through the additional content in post-launch DLC.