Kevin Smith Reveals an Alternate and Shocking Ending for Joker. Will It Be True?


The Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips has left the public with many topics to discuss, and any doubts as to what was seen to be “real” on the screen and what the result of Arthur Fleck’s deviated fantasy. Apparently, then, according to Kevin Smith, a really shocking alternative ending had been thought.

In his show Fatman Beyond (as can be seen in the movie, starting at approximately 16:35) the director revealed that he had learned from a “source” (not better specified to protect his work) of the existence of an ending that would have thrown a completely different light on the DC villain and that would have ” outraged him as a Batman fan”.

Before telling it, Kevin Smith repeatedly put his hands forward. “I don’t know if it’s true, I don’t know if I can say it,” he temporized, giving in at the end because the opportunity was too tempting. “Initially, the hospital ending was different,” he began to tell. “Arthur is in the hospital, he is laughing, and he says: I was just thinking about something funny. What had to happen was that there was a flashback on the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne: it was he who killed them and the boy screamed and cried, so he turns around, comes back, shrugs and shoots Bruce. End credits. “

It would have been really shocking indeed. “What the hell, friends! A world without Batman! “ Commented Smith immediately after. Of course, it is possible that the production decided not to include the murder of a child in a film that was already violent and controversial in itself. In this way, moreover, the possibility remains of a sequel that puts Arthur Fleck and Bruce Wayne in front of each other as an adult, even if at the moment there is no official news about it.

While fans disagree on Eric Roberts’ preferences for the best Batman and Joker films, a curious detail about the Joker finale also emerged from the script, which was published online ahead of the Oscar campaign.