Kevin Feige Reveals His Favorite Infinity Saga Character


Host to a panel of the New York Film Acadamy, acclaimed producer Kevin Feige was asked which was his favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most important and acclaimed Hollywood franchise of the last forty years.

The answer came with difficulty and after a few turns of words, but you can read it below:

” Well, first of all, let me compliment you on the question, ‘who is your favorite Marvel hero?’ It is a question that I always equate to the fact that I have two children, and it is as if people asked me: ‘What is your favorite between the two of them?’ It is something that cannot be answered. Usually, the answer to this question is whatever I am working on when they ask me the question, or whatever occupies enough space and/or time in my brain. But maybe because I’m still nostalgic for Endgame and literally can’t believe I’m talking to you in an era when I finished the Infinity Saga and made our twenty-two films, twenty-three counting Far From Home … right now I’d say, Iron Man,“.

If you want, you can watch the interview in the video at the bottom of the article.