Interesting New Details on Robert Pattinson’s Costume in The Batman


With the rehearsals for The Batman started in recent days and the first photos from the set that as usual begin to leak, everything is ready for the start of the production of The Batman, the new film by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson.

And in this regard in the past few hours, the ex Variety reporter Kris Tapley published some information on Twitter that would have come to him firsthand: Tapley stated on his official page in which the Batman suit in the new film would be based on the drawings by Lee Bermejo, well-known cartoonist who in the course of his career has crossed his pencil with the character.

Unfortunately, the Tweet has been eliminated but after some research, some fans have discovered on Instagram an old story of the American cartoonist and designer in which, coincidentally, the artist had portrayed Robert Pattinson in a Batman suit of his own creation, inspired by that of his comic Batman: Nöel.

You can look at it at the bottom of the article.

From here, the roads ahead are two: either Tapley has done a great job, perhaps convincing himself after seeing Bermejo’s drawing, or the information he has reported is really concrete. It is worth noting that a previous rumor had reported a blue and gray costume for Reeves’ Batman, so Tapley’s statements would go against this version.

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Other:This a picture from Lee Bermejo’s Instagram story from back in September of fan art of Pattison in a batsuit resembling his style. The rumor is that the new suit will take inspiration from Lee Bermejo’s design. from DC_Cinematic