Fortnite, Destroy the Decorations With Snowflakes (Midsummer 2019)


Destroying the decorations with snowflakes is one of the new challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2 of the event Midsummer 2019, here is a guide to complete it quickly.

The challenges of Fortnite Midsummer 2019 continue Chapter 2: in this quick guide, we will explain how to complete the mission Destroy the decorations with snowflakes quickly and easily. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes, and you should be able to complete it in one game.

To complete the challenge Destroy the decorations with snowflakes of Fortnite Chapter 2 dedicated to Midsummer 2019 you must first remember where you have already seen the decorations with snowflakes: Epic Games introduced them last year. They are located in the main city centers of the game map, therefore in Pacific Park, Corso Commercio, Evergreen Hedges and so on: all you have to do is land in these places and destroy three of them before your opponents do.

The video below will allow you to better understand how to organize yourself for the completion of the mission in question; the most suitable game mode is as always Team Brawl because there is respawn.