ArenaNet: After Guild Wars 2, a New Action Fantasy Title for Console in Development


After 20 years of activity on the Guild Wars series, ArenaNet develops a third-person action fantasy on a console, an unannounced game.

The American ArenaNet team, a team that jumped into the limelight with Guild Wars, within NCsoft, so far known exclusively for the MMO series in question that continued with Guild Wars 2, seems to be working on a new action fantasy game third-person per console.

After a total of about 20 years of activity focused on the same series, after the first chapter and Guild Wars 2, the time has come for something new apparently: ArenaNet has published a job announcement for an art director, who will be used in work on an “unannounced console third-person action fantasy game.”

The description, in fact, could concern however Guild Wars: although the latter falls into the category of the largest RPG, it can still be described as a third-person fantasy action, but in this case, it is strange that there are no features mentioned as MMO and online in the description of this mysterious title not still announced.

It could, therefore, be Guild Wars 3 or conversion or spin-off of the series on consoles, since we speak specifically of these platforms and not of PC, but it could also be something completely new. The other feature that emerges is the use of Unreal Engine 4, but this also tells us little about the game itself, so we just have to wait for any announcements from ArenaNet.