How to Play Fortnite With Split Screen on Xbox One and PS4


Feature not yet available on Nintendo Switch and Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite lets you play with split-screen on Xbox One and PS4. The Battle Royale of Epic Games received a role in the update of December 20, 2019. The split-screen was introduced to the game online on the 12th of the same month, with the patch 11:30, but the developer removed the feature by technical problems. The feature is not currently available for Nintendo Switch or the mobile version of the game for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones. Here’s how to enable split-screen in Fortnite on your console.

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To activate split-screen on PS4, the player must open Fortnite and enter the lobby by selecting either Doubles or Squad mode – the only modes in which split-screen is available. The first player must then connect the second controller and then the game will ask him to select which profile to play with. Once selected, the same player must press X to activate the second control. After that, player two will be able to log in to their Epic Games account or play as a guest. The process is the same on Xbox One, but players must press the A button (the equivalent of the X button) to activate the second controller.

With both of them connected, the first player will have control of the lobby. To give the second player lobby control, you must press X (PS4) or A (Xbox One), allowing the other player to access your skins, stats, and everything on the second account. To regain control of the lobby, the first player simply presses the same button on their control.

The split-screen only works within matches, does not allow players to share the same inventory, or support more than one language. Players will notice that the game may slow down because of lag, and will see black bars around the game screen. Epic also points out that users must have a stable Internet connection on the console. If a player logs out or leaves the match, the split-screen session will end.